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1 to 1 Sessions

Please phone me on 07971 999 007 to arrange

1 - 1 sessions are recommended for anybody that has not done pilates before and also for those wanting to develop their technique further.  The aims of a beginners 1-1 session are to:

  • Discuss your aims and goals

  • Introduce you to the background and principles of Pilates

  • Introduce you to the exercises in Pilates and various starting positions

  • Provide an opportunity to freely ask questions

  • Discuss any medical influences on the way you move

The beginners 1- 1 will prepare you to join an existing class.

Developmental 1 - 1

This can be arranged at any time to suit and will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss and develop your technique and understanding of Pilates

  • Taylor exercises to your specific needs

  • Freely ask questions

A 1-1 session costs £35 for one hour

A 2-1 sessions cost £40 per hour

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