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I completed my training as a Body Control teacher in 2014.  After attending classes for many years I knew that practising Pilates exercises was something I wanted to continue throughout my life.  I personally felt it was a fantastic method to take care of my body, defending against potential strains.  The exercises I found both relaxing and challenging leaving me with a great sense of well being. I became more aware of my posture and how I used my body in different situations and for different tasks and how to become more efficient in my movement. I began to think about how the body is structurally designed and therefore likes to move and how this awareness can be used to improve daily activities, hobbies and sports.

I originally trained in Occupational Psychology and enjoyed a career in training and project development. My interest in structure, function and learning within organisations transfers now to the operation of the body. How we can develop, strengthen, rehabilitate and maintain our health.

I chose the Body Control method as I really enjoyed the teaching I received and also due to its focus on the Principles of Pilates and continuous training and development.  After having my children I felt I wanted to move, literally, in a new direction. Working as a Pilates teacher has enabled me to have a great work life balance.

Another important aspect of the Body Control method is that it is progressive in nature and therefore accessible, regardless of ability. People basically start where they are starting from and progress from there. Everybody needs to move.

From attending my classes I would hope that people develop an increased awareness of their posture and how they are moving and using the different parts of their body, I would hope that they can learn some of the exercises and be able to prevent aches and pains as well as begin to identify and address any issues that arise, quickly.  I would hope that an overall balance in the use of their bodies would enhance performance in other activities. After classes, I would hope that people feel energised to then engage with other hobbies whether it’s golfing or gardening, walking or rowing, cycling or horse riding, whatever, it is important to feel able and ready.

Best wishes



Level 4 Pilates training  - in process

Level 3 Certificate in Physical Activity and Health Considerations for the Older Adult

Intermediate Matwork

Level 3 Matwork Pilates Teacher Training Course

COSCA Counselling skills 1-4

MSc Occupational Psychology

BA (Hons) Psychology

ITC Certificate in Emergency First Aid at work

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